Psychedelic Soul infused New Orleans Funk Music

CItizenFive's Bio

CitizenFive is a funk-rooted soul band of multi-instrumentalists making music in Oakland, Ca. Founded and led by vocalist, songwriter, and percussionist Nate "Suave" Cameron, Jr., a New Orleans native, and keys player, sax player, and songwriter Kevin Seal, from Cincinnati. Together they create the foundation for politically charged experimental riffs on progressive R&B and hip hop grooves. Their style incorporates slash chords, backmasking, micro-edits, and stacked harmonies to play with the conventions of soul music.

Bassist Ted "Blyss" Gould (Zigaboo Modeliste, Big Sam's Funky Nation, Jon B, etc.) and drummer Rian Robinson provide what has been referred to as one of the most grooviest rhythm sections in the Bay Area. CitizenFive's lyrics, which Suave delivers via his gospel-schooled baritone voice, often address issues of resistance, love, life, and social justice. With Seal's extensive rock experience on keys, Blyss' deep New Orleans funk roots on bass, and Rian's southern baptist and contemporary gospel chops on drums, they create a new sound,a vibe, and an experience. To add another layer of "dopeness" to the mix, they are often joined by horn players Ethan Levitt (Alto & Tenor Sax), Malcolm Stokes (Trumpet & Trombone), & Al Lazard (Alto Sax)


Hip hop, New Orleans funk, and soul runs through it, but so does outsider-rock weirdness. It's melodic, it's inclusive, its funky, and it's unexpected. It's CitizenFive.